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Re: [IPp] hi & question on humalog vs novolog

In a message dated 12/9/2003 12:46:52 AM Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted 
Her Doctor also implied he did not think there was a 
difference between the two types but I'm convinced and the theory seems to 
been proven by the email traffic we have seen here.
When I had completed chemotherapy for breast cancer, one of the changes I 
 noticed was incredible sensitivity to metal. It was so bad the hygienist had to
put topical numbing solution on my gums before getting near me. My dentist & 
 oncologist just shrugged...but when I posted it to a breast cancer message
& had 8 women respond saying the same thing, my doctor DID pay attention! 
 Next time I saw him he asked me to post a question to "the group" asking if any
 of them had experienced whatever it was he was investigating!!! I can deal with
docs INITIALLY being skeptical, but when we relate extensive anecdotal 
 evidence, shame on them if they don't realize what a wonderful resource they
have in
their patients!!!
Renee - pump mom to Melissa dx'd 9/92; dx'd celiac 10/03; pumping 3/96
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