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Re: [IPp] hi & question on humalog vs novolog

 We switched from humalog to novolog because we were only getting about 36 hours
out of a site. Since switching, we easily get 3 days, and occasionally four.

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From: "Melissa Stands" <email @ redacted>
Reply-To: email @ redacted
Date:  Mon, 8 Dec 2003 17:40:00 -0700 (Mountain Standard Time)

>Hello all,
>Just wanted to say "hey" to everyone and thank you for letting me on the
>list. My name is Melissa and my youngest son, Jonah, 7 now, was diagnosed
>at age 3 and he's been pumping with the Minimed Paradigm & Humalog since
>age 5. We love the freedom of the pump, but we have been fairly frustrated
>over the past several months with the high blood sugars on the 3rd day.
>Jonah's doc has us changing every 2 days now, but we really would love to go
>the 3 days, Jonah especially wants this and I don't blame him! Anyway, I
>have been reading with interest the comments about switching from humalog to
>novolog. I would love any input from those that have switched. Please feel
>free to email me off list as I'm sure this has probably been discussed
>before and I don't want to flood everyone's email with unwanted discussion.
>This is just really something we'd love to investigate more fully.
>Melissa in MT
>email @ redacted
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Kelly, mom to Jillian 13, dx'd 2/6/01, Patrick 12 and Erin 3 
Happily married to Steve

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