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Re: [IPp] Thank you

I had to laugh at your email and your young son's proud declaration in 
front of the pharmacist!
What a big boy!  Yes, getting diabetes at a young age sure makes them 
grow up faster
and take on responsibility.  I have to totally agree with your 
statements on Novolog.
We switched last summer (heard it was better in the heat) to Novolog - 
and her A1C's
are in the 6 and 7's - and most of the time her numbers are very good. 
 By Day 2 on Humalog,
we had numbers in the 200's - almost every 2 days!!!!!!!
With Novolog, we too forget what "day it is" and have to look at her 
logbook to find out last
site change... Alot of times - "low reservoir" warning is what prompts 
us to notice we have to
change!  It is so nice to know that others are seeing better numbers and 
longer site changes
on Novolog too.  Also, using prescription cream ( Triamcinolone )
on her site change that really helps heal up the little red dots where 
the site (we use quicksets
on her upper rear as they crimp in her stomach)  was.

Thanks for sharing!
Cathy in Kansas, Mom to Rachel, 11, dx diabetes 9/93, celiac 1/02, 
pumping 10/02

Leanne Dalton wrote:

>Same, same...
>We use quicksets and Novolog (known as Novorapid in Canada) and whereas
>Oliver's numbers were always terrible after day 2 on Humalog, suddenly
>with Novorapid we are always getting steady numbers right through day 3
>and even into day 4.
>On this topic, a funny thing happened at the Pharmacy yesterday.  I was
>sitting there paying for a bunch of diabetes supplies and the cashier
>handed me my two boxes of Quicksets.  All of a sudden, my 4 year old
>chirps up, "Speaking of insertion sets Mommy..." (yes, my child is 4
>believe it or not, but I swear that's how he talks -- it's quite
>disconcerting at times) "shouldn't we be doing a site change today?"  I
>replied that I couldn't remember, but he was probably right and that
>we'd have to look at the calendar when we got home.  I thought about it
>a second and then said, "You know you're right Oliver -- I think it is
>day 3".  And he says (really loud to the pharmacist) "No Mommy -- you're
>wrong.  It's day 4.  You've forgotten to change my insertion set!"  Tee
>Anyway, I thought it was really funny that this little guy who can't
>read, can't tell time and can't read a calendar still knows that Mommy
>and Daddy have screwed up and missed the insertion set change!  The
>other thing that I thought was cool was that his numbers are so good
>right to day 4 that I simply can't tell what day of the set it is unless
>I look at the calendar (where I write it all down).  This is the
>difference between Humalog and Novorapid for us.
>That's all -- have a nice night!
>Mom of Oliver - b 6/99, dx' 10/01, pumping on Animas since Jan 6, 2003
>(almost one whole year!)
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>Exactly the same for us -- we thought QuickSets were not working anymore
>either until we changed to Novolog.  Came very close to changing sets
>keeping the Humalog (which was not my son's first choice).  Solid 3 days
>with good numbers now, using QuickSets and Novolog.  (Might be able to
>get a 
>4th day, but we aren't ready to try that yet.)
>He loves the QuickSets and says that he feels a difference (better) on 
>Novolog.  Made this comment a lot the first week or so after we
>unsolicited.  YMMV.  Good luck and I hope it all works out for you!
>-- Allison
>mom to Jeremy, pumping with Paradigm 511, 6/02
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>for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe/change list versions,
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