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RE: [IPp] Thank you

Same, same...

We use quicksets and Novolog (known as Novorapid in Canada) and whereas
Oliver's numbers were always terrible after day 2 on Humalog, suddenly
with Novorapid we are always getting steady numbers right through day 3
and even into day 4.

On this topic, a funny thing happened at the Pharmacy yesterday.  I was
sitting there paying for a bunch of diabetes supplies and the cashier
handed me my two boxes of Quicksets.  All of a sudden, my 4 year old
chirps up, "Speaking of insertion sets Mommy..." (yes, my child is 4
believe it or not, but I swear that's how he talks -- it's quite
disconcerting at times) "shouldn't we be doing a site change today?"  I
replied that I couldn't remember, but he was probably right and that
we'd have to look at the calendar when we got home.  I thought about it
a second and then said, "You know you're right Oliver -- I think it is
day 3".  And he says (really loud to the pharmacist) "No Mommy -- you're
wrong.  It's day 4.  You've forgotten to change my insertion set!"  Tee

Anyway, I thought it was really funny that this little guy who can't
read, can't tell time and can't read a calendar still knows that Mommy
and Daddy have screwed up and missed the insertion set change!  The
other thing that I thought was cool was that his numbers are so good
right to day 4 that I simply can't tell what day of the set it is unless
I look at the calendar (where I write it all down).  This is the
difference between Humalog and Novorapid for us.

That's all -- have a nice night!


Mom of Oliver - b 6/99, dx' 10/01, pumping on Animas since Jan 6, 2003
(almost one whole year!)

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Exactly the same for us -- we thought QuickSets were not working anymore

either until we changed to Novolog.  Came very close to changing sets
keeping the Humalog (which was not my son's first choice).  Solid 3 days

with good numbers now, using QuickSets and Novolog.  (Might be able to
get a 
4th day, but we aren't ready to try that yet.)

He loves the QuickSets and says that he feels a difference (better) on 
Novolog.  Made this comment a lot the first week or so after we
unsolicited.  YMMV.  Good luck and I hope it all works out for you!

-- Allison
mom to Jeremy, pumping with Paradigm 511, 6/02

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