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[IPp] Re: Young pumpers with very low basal rates

<<Do those of you with
little ones use low, low basal rates.  I know the theory is that basals
should be 40 - 60% of TDD.  Why should it be that way?>>

It doesn't have to be that way.  Doctors mostly know about adults, so the 60
percent rate is talked about a lot.  More recent studies (I cannot quote
them here, but have definately read them) have shown that children typically
use a lower amount of basal insulin as a percentage of their TDD.  My
daughter, now age 9,  has always used about 40 percent of her insulin as
basal.  She also likes to eat and eat often.  The correct basal rate is the
one that works for your child!

I think that a lot of the knowledge is learned anecdotally,at first with the
doctors.  Then they might follow up with more substantial studies, etc.

What is interesting for me is that my child has been pumping over 2.5 years
and her TDD and basal rates are still pretty much what they were when we
started.  Some rates have increased (nightime basals) only to need to be
decreased back again at a later date.  Her typical carbohydrate consumption
has stayed the same as when she was on injections.  Except for those days
when she eats lots of Hallowe'en candy!

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9
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