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[IPp] Young pumpers with very low basal rates

Hello parents,

Yet another question from the beginner pump parent.  Do those of you with
little ones use low, low basal rates.  I know the theory is that basals
should be 40 - 60% of TDD.  Why should it be that way?  My daughter
currently has about 10-17% of her TDD as basal (partly because she has
eaten so much with her new freedom).  Her basal rate is 0.15 u/hr in U25
volume, which is 0.0375 u/hr on U100.  (It was 0.20 u/hr, but she dropped
from 205 to 94 over 4 hours without insulin and with a sneak taste of ice

Some suggest shooting for basals at 40-60%.  Why?  If I push her basals
up, she is back to eating more set amounts at more set times than we
want.  If I turn her basal up, she will drop low 4-6 hours after eating
if she does not eat again.

I have talked to a couple of other parents of young pumpers.  They inform
me that their endos encourage / push them to get their basals up to that
target.  If there are valid reasons for shooting for 40-60% basal, I want
to hear ALL ABOUT IT!  I want to understand.  But I am wondering if that
target is based on teenagers or adults and if things are just lots
different with young pumpers. 

Your responses are always GREATLY appreciated!

-Natalie Rodgers
Mom to Andrea 4 (dx 1/28/03, pumping Cozmo 10/2/03),
             Alicia 2, and Carlos 6 months
Married to Tom for over 7 fabulous years
Salt Lake City, UT
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