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[IPp] Help!!!! Need advice

Gina -

Wow!  What a HOT topic!

 I have to agree with Debbie. I would not give Justin a choice, he is 3, too
young to make choices regarding medical issues. I did not give Joshua a choice
whether or not he was going to pump. I put it on him & there it will stay. He
hated the shots at diagnosis, but I did HAVE a choice so neither did he. He
fought it but it was a war I had to win. He HAD to have his shots & now, he HAS
to have his pump. I'm not going back to shots, I was a basketcase.


I also agree with Patsy who said:

<<Does your son know anyone else with a pump?  Maybe that would help.>>

 Having Joshua meet other kids with a pump (Deb P - they do so see each often!
LOL!) has helped Joshua tremendously. He is PROUD of his pump and like Natalie's
daughter Andrea will sometimes take it out & hug it.

 He doesn't understand what diabetes is & has just become aware that he has
diabetes but doesn't understand any of the ramifications & probably thinks that
everyone else in the world has to "do button" & bolus for snacks, meals, etc.

 As for pulling out the site, I think that I would place Tegaderm over the site
& make it a little harder to pull out. Also you could put it where he can't
easily reach it (hip or butt?). If all else fails, wrap an ace bandage around
his body where the site it. Mostly I would talk to him about how important it is
to leave the site alone.

 Joshua has disconnected twice, but I think that his thumb got caught in the
tubing was he was pulling his pants down & rotated it just right so he

 So anyway, if Joshua suddenly declared that he didn't want to pump, I would
tell him that it is not his decision at 3-years-old. I know that my answer would
be different if he was older & actually understood.

 My best to you whatever you decide is best for Justin. As in all things D,


Mom to Joshua 3, dx'd. @ 20 mos. Pumping w/Cozmo 06/03/03,& Jessie 22
western Massachusetts

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