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[IPp] Thank you

Hello Everyone

    Thank you so much for your feed back it has helped me so much. So fare we 
are still pumping, and Justin has not said anything about his pump or wanting 
it off again.  Heres what I think is caused Justin to not want to pump. In 
 August, Justin's sites (Quick set) were always going bad, sites were only
a day, 2 if we were lucky, before blood sugars would go up to 300 or more. 
When I removed the site the canula would be crimped. So Endo changed him to 
 Silhouettes. Justin's hates the Silhouettes it seems to cause him a lot of
and even looking at them causes him to panic. I don't use any numbing cream, 
 and he hate using ice. I used the Quick set this last site change, and keeping
close eye on blood sugars. I hope that the Quick set stays better now, and 
Justin never asks me to take off his pump again. I will keep you posted. 

PS, Renee you really do have a very good memory. Yes Justin's Endo was Holly 
Schachner, but I don't think that is the problem because we have not meet the 
new Endo yet. Unlike you, I don't have a good memory, and missed our appoint 
cause I forgot. LOL 

Gina ,Mom of Justin, 3 years old, pumping
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