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[IPp] Re: Advice for 3 year old

Hi Gina,

I totally agree with Ellen's post.

The only thing I would add is before doing a pump break, tell Justin 
he may quit the pump in two weeks (choose the time frame you like) if 
he still wants to.  He may have a change of heart in that time 
period.  That also gives you time to communicate more with him to 
delve into why he isn't happy with pumping.  As other people have 
pointed out, he may think quitting the pump equates to not having 
diabetes anymore.  It's hard to get a three year old to understand 
what will change going from the pump to MDI but maybe if he 
understands the diabetes will still be there but instead of wearing 
the pump and pushing buttons to deliver insulin, he'll have to do 
shots instead, that may be enough to deter him.  If not, and he goes 
back to MDI and likes it, I would let it be....as long as his health 
isn't jeopardized.  You will be the judge of that based on his A1C's, 
roller-coasting blood sugars, etc.  I think we should give our kids 
choices as long as they aren't affecting them in a negative way.

I personally wouldn't use anything other than Lantus for long-acting 
insulin.  It's a much smoother background insulin than any other, 
little to no peaks.

Good luck!  Keep us posted!

Cindy, mom to 17 y/o Noah, dx age 9, pumping since 6/99

>>From: email @ redacted
My son was 15 months old at diagnosis.  He's now 16 years old.
Any idea what prompted this?  Did a sibling or a child on a playground or
friend make a comment that was nasty about the pump?  Or was your child just
  plain sick of having a site change etc. It would be great to really understand
what he hates about the pump per se.  Sometimes it has nothing to do with what
we think is the cause.  He may have convinced himself if he took off his pump,
he wouldn't have diabetes anymore.
I  feel everyone with diabetes, no matter how young or old, has to feel they
have choices.  So I am not one who prescribes to kids have no choice yada yada
yada.  Even if it's colors of lancets etc., finger or arm to check bg,
  different meter.... They also have to know their feelings are important and
matter no matter how young they are and that when possible we will 
work with them to keep them healthy in a way that makes them more 
comfortable.  It's not giving in to them, it's respecting them.
Praise praise praise for all the good they do.  It makes everyone feel
better.  So you can praise him for expressing how he feels and helping you
understand etc.
I would offer the pump vacation (loved the pump time-out idea from the little
girl).  A pump on someone who resents it is dangerous.  A child can remove a
site and put him or herself into DKA very quickly.  Children are smart.   I
  also would NOT make the pump vacation miserable. I think our kids have to know
that there are different ways to get insulin and do it right.  I wouldn't
  personally want the NPH or any peaking long acting insulin in the body so I'd
want to work with the doctor to have the basal insulin of Lantus - if it works
well in your child, and then the fast acting for all meals and snacks.
Keep us posted Gina.  You are not alone and we all care very deeply.<<
Love, Ellen<<
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