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Re: [IPp] RE: Advice for 3 year old

 Ok I guess now I will take a stab at this thread. I do agree about being firm
with your children. But I think at 3 a children with diabetes is smarter than we
think. This is his disease and he will have to live with it his whole life. For
right now anyway, there is no cure!! I believe that as long as the consequences
for his pump vacation is explained and he realizes he needs to go back to shots
then why not? Is he running the roost? Of course not he is learning to make
decisions based on facts given him. We do not give our children enough credit.
My son diagnosed at 12 I belive has it tougher than a child who has never known
anything but diabetes. Besides puberty and girls we also had to deal with a
total life style change, He is 14 and started high school this year and is
adjusting to his pump well. He has been pumping since April. I can hear everyone
saying well her son is 14 he is capable of making decisions on his own, well
this disease matures our children very f!
 ast and I
  believe at three with the right tools so can these children. Thanks fo
listening. Barb NY p.s ultimately the decision on how to care for there diabetes
will be in their hands so help them by letting them have some say now.

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