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Re: [IPp] RE: Advice for 3 year old


I completely agree with you.  I have read several posts since I joined this 
 list about parents letting their kids make decisions that some are way to young
to make.  Feeling bad for their kids because of them having Diabetes and with 
all they have to endure each and every day.  I am a very strict parent, and I 
know some of you out there are thinking that my child will rebel as he grows 
because of how strict I am...but you know what, no one knows my child better 
than I do....and I know in my heart that he will NOT rebel, he will respect. 
Which far too many young kids don't have these days..is respect. My son was 
 diagnosed at age 2 and has been pumping for almost two years now. He has always
had A1c's in the 6's and has unbelievably great control. I am a single parent 
 and take on all of the Diabetes care on my own. I am teaching my son right from
wrong, right choices to make that will give him a better chance at living a 
full and healthy life.  My son has also cried to me, and I have cried to 
 him...we both hate this disease and all that he has to go through. But ya know
no matter how hard we have it...some one has it worse.  I love my son, I'd do 
anything for him, I'd take his diabetes if I could and I would give myself 
50, a 100 shots a day...but at the end of the day, my son needs to understand 
and ACCEPT that he has this disease, and no it isn't fair, but life goes on.  
Life is what we make of it, and why not make it as good as we possibly can.  
If it were me, no, I would not give my child a so called pump break....I'd 
 calmly explain what the pump is doing for my child and how it is keeping him or
her healthy and allowing him or her to eat what and when he wants, and lets 
him sleep later or stay up later.  My son is always asked how he feels about 
 having Diabetes...and he always says, "It isn't so bad but I wish I didn't have
 it". If asked if he would like some candy, he always asks me first and if I am
not around, he will politely decline and say very proudly, "I have diabetes". 
 I am so proud of my son.  
I am sorry for those of you out there who will disagree with what I had to 
say...but to each his own and remember we are all in this together, we may not 
always agree, but we are all looking for the common goal....TO FIND A CURE FOR 
Thanks for reading...
Sarah  :)   Single- Mom to Matthew (7) MM Paradigm since May 2002, dxd 3/99 
and Victoria (8, turning 9 on Dec. 23rd) Non-D...Love My kids!
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