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Re: [IPp] Help!!!! Need advice

        Not sure how good my memory is but I seemed to recall that Justin's 
ped endo was Holly Schachner at Naomi Berrie. I heard she had left medicine to 
go to work for Pfizer. IF memory serves me correctly & she was indeed his 
doctor, is there any possibility he's associating her "not being a diabetes 
 doctor" anymore with his not "having to have diabetes" anymore? Children
 things differently. It took me years to realize how many children hear the word
"diabetes" & immediately think it means they will DIE because that's the 
first syllable their ears hear...... 
     If I've confused you with someone else, disregard that theory! Your 
 e-mail broke my heart this morning, because I've heard my almost-21 yr old echo
 similar sentiments when she was 9 yrs old or 12 or 15, or even as recently as
hour ago, when she called to say she'd awakened from resting & discovered 
she'd forgotten to bolus when she was 54 a few hours before & had eaten, & was 
 now 435!!! I learned long ago NOT to say "I know" because truly I do NOT
so I can only say "I'm sorry" & allow her to vent......
    Another dad of a 3 yr old wrote in to the JDRF online support team (I'm 
one of the volunteers) asking for help because not only does his 3 yr old hate 
having diabetes ,but when the dad tried to talk about Rufus, the clever little 
toddler shouted back "well I know that Rufus hates diabetes 
too!"...Hmmmm...hard to respond to that one!!!
    Wish I had some magic answers for you......a pump"vacation", switching to 
Lantus at night & a Humalog insulin pen injection anytime he eats carbs may 
not be so terrible.....without the NPH regimen, there's no need to adhere to a 
rigid schedule & many parents are finding that a viable option....
Renee...pump mom to Melissa- dx'd at age 9 in '92/ dx'd with celiac 2 months 
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