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[IPp] RE: Advice for 3 year old


I know I am going to be in the minority here but what ever happened to good
'ole being firm with your child?  I know he is 3 and doesn't understand.
But if you give in on this one, then every time he gets upset and something
doesn't go his way in life, he will think he can whine and get his way.  I'm
sorry but life is very difficult and I think having diabetes at a younger
age teaches them to accept it.  I think we as parents are too easy on our
kids today.

Now before you go and want to jump down my throat. (this is for everyone
reading) please know that my son was just 6 when he was diagnosed.  We sat
on the kitchen floor the night we came home from the hospital and cried
together when I had to poke and repoke his finger to get a sufficient amount
of blood on the strip.  I know how horrible it is, but you can't let a 3
year old, 6 year old, etc.. call the shots.  (no pun intended).

I would explain in a firm, yet loving way that this condition, disease,
whatever you want to call it, is not going away and we are dealing with it
in the easiest way possible.  The thing is, think about it, what if he had
cancer or some other terrible thing that you couldn't give  him a choice
over and he HAD to take chemo or  had to have transplants, transfusions,
etc... You wouldn't think twice about putting your foot down and not giving
him a choice.  Why allow him to have his way with this?  If you are firm
now, I believe he will be stronger later when he may, on his own, want to
rebel and forget testing, bolusing, etc....

I don't know, again, I know it's unpopular these days when everyone is
letting their children "rule the roost".  But that's my two cents, for what
it's worth.

Debbie Crawford
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