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Re: [IPp] Help!!!! Need advice

I am sorry you have to go through this, ugh.... This is exactly what I
dread, Anthony just turned 2 and has no idea about D or that noone else he
knows has a pump (well he knows 3 D kids with pumps but we don't see them
all THAT often). I know this day is coming for us.
If it were me, I would do as he asks, stick to the MDI rules and I think
Michael is right, he will want his pump  and the pump lifestyle back pretty
quickly. Especially when having an 'extra' snack means getting an extra
shot. That would be what breaks my son if it were him. He loves his
Good luck,

Deborah Pisciotta

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>  I am very upset, Today my, 3 and a half year old son, Justin told
>  me he doesn't want to wear his pump anymore. He asked me to take it
>  off cause he
> hates
> it. This upset me a lot, Just thinking of what life was like before
> the pump.  I explained to Justin if I take his pump off he will need
> shots. He asked me why. I told him because you have diabetes. Well,
> He yelled at me with anger "I DON'T WANT DIABETES ANYMORE." Now,
> looking back this last month Justin site
>  came out twice during the night, and I found this to be strange
>  because we have
> never had a site come out since we stared. So now I am thinking
> could he have pulled it out? What should I do? Listen to him, and
> give him a pump vacation, Or is this something all kids go through.
> Gina, Mom of Justin, 3 years old, Pumping

A pump vacation would probably be just dandy if you stick to MDI

1) get up at the specified time for your shot
2) eat your breakfast, snacks, lunch, etc... exactly the right amount
no more... no less (with an explanation as to why)
3) go to bed at exactly the right time, etc.....

Bet he asks for his pump back muy pronto!
He may even learn to be careful what he asks for.

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