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Re: [IPp] Help!!!! Need advice

Andrea has only been pumping a couple of months.  The transition has been
HARD -  harder for her parents than for her, but hard for Andrea as well.
 The other day, she put her pump in "time out" because she was so mad at
it.  She said once she didn't want to wear it anymore.  I told her that
was fine, but she would have to go back to eating what I said when I said
as opposed to eating when and what she wants.  After keeping Bomba Becky
(that's her pump) in time out for a while, she decided that she would
stick with it.  We try and help Andrea (only 4 years old) recognize what
her pump does for her (since she has quickly forgotten the shots).  When
she eats a huge meal and then asks for more, we say, why can we do this? 
"Bomba Becky" she says with a smile.  Sometimes she takes her pump out of
the holder and kisses it.  Lots of good days, way too many bad days.  We
just do the best we can, right?

When Andrea says she doesn't want to have diabetes anymore, we cry
together and I tell her I would do anything to take it from her.

I am so new, I can't really give counsel, but if it were my situation, I
think I would let Andrea have the final word, but I would try to make
sure she knew what that would mean for her.  That is hard with 3- and 

Good luck!

-Natalie Rodgers
Mom to Andrea 4 (dx 1/28/03, pumping Cozmo 10/2/03),
             Alicia 2, and Carlos 6 months
Married to Tom for over 7 fabulous years
Salt Lake City, UT

On Wed, 3 Dec 2003 23:45:38 EST email @ redacted writes:
>  I am very upset, Today my, 3 and a half year old son, Justin told me 
> he 
>  doesn't want to wear his pump anymore. He asked me to take it off 
> cause he
> hates
> it. This upset me a lot, Just thinking of what life was like before 
> the pump.  
> I explained to Justin if I take his pump off he will need shots. He 
> asked me 
> why. I told him because you have diabetes. Well, He yelled at me 
> with anger "I 
> DON'T WANT DIABETES ANYMORE." Now, looking back this last month 
> Justin site 
>  came out twice during the night, and I found this to be strange 
> because we have
> never had a site come out since we stared. So now I am thinking 
> could he have 
> pulled it out? What should I do? Listen to him, and give him a pump 
> vacation, 
> Or is this something all kids go through.
> Gina, Mom of Justin, 3 years old, Pumping    
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