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RE: [IPp] Help!!!! Need advice

My son is 5 and has only been pumping a month now.  First I want to say that
his site came out twice during the night as well (just disconnected, not
pulled out).  We are using quicksets and for some reason they have
disconnected a few times.  I know that he did it intentionally once because
he was being punished and that was his way of getting back at me.  He
learned the hard way, that was a good thing.  Your son is so young and so is
Michael, they just don't understand that diabetes is not going away.
Michael had me in tears once with the same thing....I don't want diabetes
anymore, why did I have to get this stupid diabetes, why can't I get a cure
now, what does a cure look like???  It was heartbreaking.  I feel what you
are going through.  Does your son know anyone else with a pump?  Maybe that
would help.  Before Michael started pumping, he was leery and I kept
reminding him of a few other people we know using a pump.  I think it
helped.  I hope it works out for you and Justin. 

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 I am very upset, Today my, 3 and a half year old son, Justin told me he 
 doesn't want to wear his pump anymore. He asked me to take it off cause he
it. This upset me a lot, Just thinking of what life was like before the
I explained to Justin if I take his pump off he will need shots. He asked me

why. I told him because you have diabetes. Well, He yelled at me with anger
DON'T WANT DIABETES ANYMORE." Now, looking back this last month Justin site 
 came out twice during the night, and I found this to be strange because we
never had a site come out since we stared. So now I am thinking could he
pulled it out? What should I do? Listen to him, and give him a pump
Or is this something all kids go through.

Gina, Mom of Justin, 3 years old, Pumping    
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