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Re: [IPp] Help!!!! Need advice

Gina, I have no advice for you, you have to make the decision.  I just
wanted to tell you that my thoughts are with you as with all the children
and their parents affected with diabetes. We all have our good days and bad
days. I remember just a month ago my 12 year old daughter looking at me with
her big beautiful brown eyes filling up with tears asking me why and then
with a touch of anger in her voice saying, "I don't want to have diabetes
anymore" This was a day when we had to change her site 2x's and test her
blood every 2 hours for 24hrs.  My heart ached and every time I poked her
finger with that tiny needle I felt a giant knife go through my heart. We
got through the day and we have not had a problem since, in fact this
morning as I checked her blood before I woke her for school I thought how
wonderful this pump is and how thankful I am that it is available.
Good luck to you and Justin
Lori J, mom of Jill 12 years old dx 4/02 pumping mm512 10/03
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>  I am very upset, Today my, 3 and a half year old son, Justin told me he
>  doesn't want to wear his pump anymore. He asked me to take it off cause
> hates
> it. This upset me a lot, Just thinking of what life was like before the
> I explained to Justin if I take his pump off he will need shots. He asked
> why. I told him because you have diabetes. Well, He yelled at me with
anger "I
> DON'T WANT DIABETES ANYMORE." Now, looking back this last month Justin
>  came out twice during the night, and I found this to be strange because
we have
> never had a site come out since we stared. So now I am thinking could he
> pulled it out? What should I do? Listen to him, and give him a pump
> Or is this something all kids go through.
> Gina, Mom of Justin, 3 years old, Pumping
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