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[IPp] Fw: Top 5 Insulin Pump..what pump

Pumpers and Friends,

Some got it, why I write this post... will give you a bit more info

     There has been a lot of e-mail about "Best or Top Pump" .... since I'm
one of the few member who has use/worn most of the insulin pumps sold in the
USA over the last 23yrs.... only missed two of them... Millhill and  BD
pumps... Hope to try the Animas IR1200 soon... so... let me talk about what
I think is the "Best or Top Pump"


1. It delivers insulin at a rate"shot" better than I can take in a insulin

***Basal Flow Rates of 0.1 - 33.2 units/hr   (adjustable)***

 2. It can give me a small or large dose of insulin over 24/7

***can setup the 5 rates I need***

 3. It can give me a rate"shot" at the time I NEED IT as I need a lot more
insulin at 3:30 am ... I CAN NOT do it when I had to take the devil
insulin... NPH ... or when last year I tried lantus ... the need for 500%
more insulin for 4 1/2 hours ... can't do it on a insulin shot

***can hold 100 units or 300units ***
4. Can get battery at most stores

***last for 2 weeks + ***

5. Has Alarms: low battery... pressure... programming ... malfunction....
they work to tell me when there is a problem with my pump

 bonus 6. it tell time so no more watches for me.

***DO you know what pump it is??? ***

***I have a pump case pattern too***


 1. It is NOT a closed looped system... so I don't need to do blood sugars
 to 24 times a day

 2. The Nerd in me wants to program it...  can't override certain features

 3. Will not let me forget that I have diabetes... as it forces me to take
charge of my care...... wait this maybe a Pros thing

 4. Not available in different colors... I still want a Husker's RED pump



 1. What it is: a tool to keep me alive until there is a CURE.

 2. It is one of the best ways to deliver insulin... not as good as the way
 was born with but getting better daily, I could not get anywhere closes as
 this on a shot.

 3. All insulin pumps made do the same thing deliver INSULIN... some do it
 with less buttons to push.

 4. IT is dumb... even when it has a meter build in it still CAN NOT control
 my blood sugar as well as when I was born and all my parts worked right.

 5. What is the best PUMP the one you were  born with.... until there is a
 CURE ... you must pick one that does the things you need it to... write
 what you need in specification.....

         a. waterproof                         no
         b. backlight                            no
         c. vibrate                                no
         d. calculation of carb bolus   NO I was train how to do this.. and
 still can do it better than any program
        e. remote control                    no
        f.  upgradeable software        no
        g. cartridge filling adapter       No... I was train on how to do
 this to minimizes bubbles
        h. prefilled cartridge.syrg        no
        i. remember rates, alarms, blood sugar.... NO NO NO.... I was train
to write things down...
        k. small size                            no as long as it works.

         Do you need all the bells.... NO ...can they help you do the things
 you need YES.. donot let a sales person tell you... you got to have this
 pump as it is the BEST... because it is not, NO pump made is the BEST... I
 WANT A CURE you need to pick the pump that has the tools best for you...
 what I tell you... your doctor... cde... pump rep.. ask what do I need my
 pump to do... from all of these people... when you pick the one that does
 the things you need.

 6. Get the best training you can... make your doctor...CDE... Nurse... Pump
 Trainer.. Pump  Maker .. Insurance company ... give you the tools you need
 to have the BEST Control that you can.  Many years ago I had a problem with
 a set... I call... when and saw everyone of the people that had anything to
 do with my pump... I was their biggest pain in the Bu** until they came up
 with a fix.

 7. You are the person in control, so learn everything you can ... record
 .... record... be a MASTER PUMPER!!!

*** WHEN YOU BECOME A MASTER PUMPER, you will have the skills to use any
insulin pump, that is the one thing you must become... you will understand
the WHY.. HOW... a INSULIN PUMP WORKS ... it is the skill and training that
will make you a MASTER PUMPER... you will be in control of your pump and
diabetes. You must live with your pump and diabetes 24/7  ... not your
doctor... nurse... CDE... pump trainer,,, pump reps... ONLY YOU.. can be the
MASTER.. you learn from them... you work with them... plan with them for the
"What IF???" ... you will/must be in control... if anyone of your team don't
understand that you are the MASTER>>>THE BOSS... when find someone will. In
over 23 yrs of using a insulin pump there has been only 3 times when I was
off my pump... because of the drugs I was being given.. I could not think as
my brain was messed up.. "all the light were on but no one was home" the
longest was 3 days ... and my Endo at the time had them cut back the drugs
so I could take over and go back on my pump and take control again... As I
did a better job at controling my blood sugars. But you see he and others
had train me ...gave me the skills I need to use my pump ..to understand how
my body works... and to take all that info they gave me  about carbs...
insulin (how it worked in my body).. Activities... to understand what I
needed to do to take over control of my pump..body.. diabetes... give me
back my life. My pump is a part of me...  be it the first one I used that
was 6.3" x 3.4" x1.1" and weight 10.1 ounces or the one 2.9" x 1.77" x 0.75"
and weight 1.929 ounces...

anyone of the 7 pumps I still have can and will work for me ... for I have
been trained to be a PUMP MASTER! I have learned what each one can and can
not do and when came up with a plan with the help of my diabetes team to do
the things I need for my pump to do so I can be in control.



 ps: if you would like to know what pump I was writing about drop me a note.

*** it is the AUTO-SYRINGE  6MP*** it was a great pump did the thing I need
it to do... deliver insulin. and it keep on working I dropped it ..I got it
wet... I even froze it one night working outside at -35 ... had to go thru 9
batteries to get it to work again and it did until I had to trade it in for
a new pump....

So I hope you understand it is not the pump that must be the best... but YOU
must be the best pumper to be a MASTER PUMPER... for if your are trained and
understand the skills you must use to be a pumper... when you can use any
insulin pump as they all do the SAME THING DELIVER INSULIN! And none of the
pumps made today is the perfect pump each one has their own Pros and Cons...
you need to pick the best one for you... not what your doctor ...CDE.. sale
rep... tells you ... pick the one the fits you the best... does the things
you need it to do.
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