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Re: [IPp] Brooke Gray-switching pumps -MM to Animas-why & how?

 Alegra has been on the MM508 since June 2000. Next year mm would have let her
upgrade because the 4 year mark would be hit. We started looking at other pumps
and liked the Animas and Cozmo. Animas sold us on customer care. We wanted a
pump with smaller basal increments for fine tuning. We also wanted a pump that
let you have different basal settings, because every week Alegra needs a
different basal set-up due to puberty and her periods. Animas helped us with all
of this. They called the doctor and got them to write a letter documenting why
she needed a new pump and how it would be beneficial to her. We wanted the newer
features too. Animas will upgrade us next year when the new Animas pump comes
out in the USA. If you are interested, give Animas a call and they'll do all the
leg work for you. MM refused to do anything for us. Oh yeah, Animas is a true
waterproof pump. That's important to us because we spend a lot of time at the
beach and the rest of the summer !
 in the pool.
Good Luck,

>Just curious as to why you are switching pumps from the MM508 to the 
> Animas-to get more updated features or did you have problems with the M508?
>Also, how
>long did you have the MM and how,or did you, negotiate with insurance to 
> switch? We have had MM508 for 1 and 1/2 years and assume we will have to keep
 > for at least 4 yrs. before insurance will even think about covering a
>or newer pump and we are already wishing we had some of the features of the 
 > newer pumps. MM doesn't offer any type of upgrade deal for the 508 that I
>been able to uncover.  Besides, the paradigm reservoir is rather small for a 
>growing teenager's insulin needs.
>Sherry, mom to Liz, age 14, dx3/01, pumping MM508-5/02 
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