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[IPp] Re: Seizing/Rebounds

In a message dated 12/20/2002 5:38:14 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> My questions is:  do you find
> that it takes a long time for these rebound highs to come down?  It
> usually takes 2-3 corrections and most of the day to get Amelia back into
> her "target".  

Hi Cheri,
       Hmm, that's a good question.  It can take awhile for Claire to get 
back on track, but not always.  Usually I will bolus her about 2.0 units when 
she awakens from a rebound, her bg at that point would be in the low 20s 
mmol, somewhere around 425.  If she has woken before getting up time because 
she has flooded the bed, she will get the 2.0 units then, have a quick bath 
and try to get back to sleep in a dry bed.  Then when she wakes up again, she 
will re-test and I might give her another .5 unit, depending on how much the 
number has moved.   Sometimes she will be right back on track by 11 am or so, 
but other times she might still be a bit high until the afternoon.  We 
haven't experienced rebounds the past few months I don't think--once a week 
is over I forget the past and look to the future, so I seem to forget 
everything really quickly!!  I think that is my survival mechanism.
       BTW, Claire doesn't need much insulin for a high bg correction, 
typically to lower her bg from 16.0 to 6.0 mmol ( 290 to 110) only requires 
one unit.  But after a rebound it does take somewhat more.  I would guess 
that taking most of the day to correct a rebound would be common.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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