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Re: [IPp] help needed please!

Dear Sandy,
  My daughter, Jessica, is also 9.  She was diagnosed on 1/7/02 and was
pumping by 6/20/02.  She was still in her honeymoon period, too.   The
people here on this list gave me so much help and advice when it came to
getting her on the pump, that when I finally went to my endo (thinking that
they would not even consider it until she was 12) they just said yes!  I
swear it was because of all the info I got from everyone here.
  As for your husband.  It is very important that he listens to you and
Jessica.  The first person you need to convince is your endo, personally, I
think that anytime is a good time to pump, and I think you can convince your
endo of that if you write down a list of reasons why you think your child
should be on it.....starting with the fact that it offers MUCH better
control for her and the basal rates can easily be changed in order to keep
her under control even while honeymooning.
  Your husband needs to get with the program.  I suggest going to some
support group meeting with him where the children there have pumps.  Let him
talk to the parents of the children on the pumps.  Or better yet, ask him to
join this list too and hear the praises of pumping first hand.
    I wish you the best of luck with this.

  I am trying to convince
> her father to support me in the decision to get Jessica pumping (her
> father and I are divorced).   The problem is, her endo says he doesnt
> want Jessica to start pumping until after she is out of her honeymoon
> period
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