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Re: [IPp] stevie...bad headaches

Dear Sharon,
  I have been having the same problems with my 9 year old, Jessica.  She has
been diagnosed with chronic sinusitis (I think it is caused from an allergy
at school, but since I am not a doctor, no one has listened to me yet)  She
has had 2 CAT scans done (showing either a retention cyst or polyp in her
sinuses, but she won't let the doctor take a look)  See has seen the ear
nose and throat doctor twice now, and now they want her to see a neurologist
and have an MRI done.
  So, from one mother who is going through the exact same thing as you to
another this only happens during the school year, by the way, at home and
during the summer time she is virtually headache free), if you think it is
an allergy, insist that he sees an allergist......I will take my own advice
and do the same thing!
> he's been complaining of headaches, everday after school, in the
> afternoon at some point. he is on the sofa now,
> with a rag over his eyes, bg is good (for a change). any headaches
> related to diabetes, or is this a completely different issue i
> need to explore (allergies, stress, eyesight,
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