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[IPp] Re:Seizing

In a message dated 12/19/2002 1:07:08 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Gee,  I'd take a rebound to a seizure any old day  :)
> Zachary has had so many since going on the pump that the hospital
> even finally twisted my arm hard enough that we gave in and did a
> neurological workup on him over the summer.

       You are so right.  I feel so badly when I read about Zachary's 
seizures, and also about other kids having them as well.  I know that 
experiencing one would really be hard on me.  I suppose like all things the 
terror of it lessens somewhat, but not completely, over time.
       I think its good that they checked him out for other possible 
neurological problems.  I did read once about a young woman who had what she 
thought were low bg seizures for a decade or more.  Then her mother had a 
seizure and a rare, genetic condition was diagnosed, which of course this 
young woman had inherited.  Turned out they were not low  bg seizures at all. 
       Claire is very ornery when low and often refuses to take anything 
offered--glucose tabs, dextrose candy etc. She says it all tastes terrible 
when she is low.  Last week she did agree however, to a couple of spoonfuls 
of caramel sauce, the type that is marketed to pour over ice-cream.  Goes 
down fast.  Her boluses (novolog) have been working too quickly in her body, 
within a few minutes, and the food can't keep up.  Usually she is about 45 
(2.6) when she complains to me.  

Best wishes,
Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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