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Re: [IPp] Re: Seizing

The answer to this question:
> Can a child get
> dangerously low without going into a seizure?
> Just trying to educate myself better.

is YES!  My son is now 6yrs old and was diagnosed at age 2.  He has gone as 
low as 14 and has never seized. He used to run around the house like a mad 
dog and never show signs of being so dangerously low. Now I know when he is 
low because his pupils become large and he becomes very pale...very milky 
white, almost grey in his face and hands.  If you knew my son, you would just 
be able to see the difference in him when he is low. Thankfully he has never 
had a seizure, not that I am saying it could never happen, but after almost 
four yrs of being Diabetic and having several dangerous lows he never has 
Sarah :)
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