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[IPp] Re: Seizing

In a message dated 12/17/2002 9:12:01 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Can a child get
> dangerously low without going into a seizure?
> Just trying to educate myself better.

Hi Sybil,
       Claire has never had a seizure (diabetes almost 6 years).  However, 
when she gets too low, her body kicks in to respond and she rebounds to an 
extreme high.  When this happens, the urine just floods out of her, which is 
part of my clue that this has occurred.  Except for the first time, this has 
always happened during the night, so I haven't seen what she looked like and 
I don't know how low she has gone.  If she is awake, she feels her lows. 
        The first time this happened, she was 4 years old, in school and on 
injections of regular and NPH.  She wouldn't eat her breakfast and I let her 
go to school with just nibbling a cookie, because she was supposed to have 
morning snack of milk and crackers in one hour.  That day the teacher forgot 
to let her have her snack and sent her outside to play instead.  I arrived at 
noon and found her in a different school uniform as she had soaked everything 
with pee. She was shaky and pale . Her bg was well over 20 mmol--over 400.  
Even though this was my first experience with this, I had read about rebounds 
and realized what had happened.  After that, it started happening at night 
once in awhile.  Claire would go very low at night from her morning NPH 
injection.  I had to stop giving any NPH at bedtime.    She would usually be 
around 3.4 (70) in the mornings, but at times would be 22 (425) and the bed 
soaked.  Every doctor and nurse has told me that this cannot happen, but 
fortunately on Insulin Pumpers there are a lot of people who experience and 
know about these things. 

I don't really know if the pattern will change and she will ever seize 
instead of rebounding.  

Barbara, Claire's Mum 
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