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Re: [IPp] help needed please!

> Hello there
> I must say that this message has really shocked me.  I have been
> diabetic for 29 years, my brother is diabetic, my sister has been
> diabetic for 33 years, my nana was diabetic for 40 years and my
> daughter aged 8 is now diabetic.  We have all lived without
> complications as you mention.  I appreciate that these complications
> can arise, but they are rare. 

That is a matter of INDIVIDUAL genetics. There are many on this list 
with complications including a lot of youngsters. Lily has tested 
positive for elevated microalbumin, diabetic 7 years. So has Rene's 
daughter who is 20 or so, diabetic around 6 years. Kids are not 
immune. The DCCT data clearly shows that a 1-2% drop in hba1c values 
reduces the risk of complications of all types by more than 50%. It 
doesn't mean you won't get them. Likewise, having elevated hba1c's 
doesn't necessarily mean you will get complications. It's an 
individual thing. However, you can choose to reduce the risk or not. 
The smart money says reduce the risk.

The way to get the point across is simply to look at the statistics.

Would you want your child to have twice the risk as a pumper for 

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