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Re: [IPp] help needed please!

> Hi~
> My daughter has had diabetes since March 2002.  I am trying to
> convince her father to support me in the decision to get Jessica
> pumping (her father and I are divorced).  Jessica really wants to do
> it and I would like for her to do it also.  The problem is, her endo
> says he doesnt want Jessica to start pumping until after she is out
> of her honeymoon period.  So my ex says that the endo knows what he
> is talking about, that we need to wait until we get the go ahead
> from him.    I've read alot from this list about changing endos, but
> ours IS pro-pump ~ just not in the honeymoon period.

There are two benefits to starting pump therapy during the Honeymoon 

1)  Intensive insulin therapy is thought to extend the honeymoon 
2) Learning to manage a pump can be somewhat easier if the body still 
produces some insulin because the little mistakes you make are 
compensated for by the remaining control the body exerts on the 
insulin levels. It's not fool proof, just a little easier than if 
their is no insulin production at all.

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