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[IPp] Seizing

Dear Barbara -
So glad to hear Zachary is better.  I have 2 kids on pumps - a 10 yr old son,
 (508 - 4-01) and a 4 year old daughter, Madison( Paradigm - 7/02).

You may not have time to answer me.  My question is about the seizure.  I am
wondering if you just knew to give him the Glucagon, or you took his blood
sugar first?  Has he had seizures (sp?)
before?  I have never had one of mine seize and just wondered how it "looked".
If you can tell just by looking, as you mentioned??  Can a child get
dangerously low without going into a seizure?
Just trying to educate myself better.

Sorry to hear you have had pump trouble.  Morgan's 508 had a weird error
message a couple of months ago and it was replaced, and Madison's Paradigm had
a "Motor Error"  message and wouldn't do anything when I tried to replace the
reservoir a few weeks ago (over Thanksgiving holiday).  MM got a new one out
to us.

Take care, Sybil Fisher
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