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[IPp] re: Novolog problems?

<<<<From: email @ redacted
Has anyone ever switched to novolog and found they did worse than when
they were on Humalog?    I've heard of many who went from H to N because
they were running too high on H and then did great on N.>>>>>>>>>>

My son Luke had a terrible time on Humalog - sugars were great 1st day on a
site, higher the 2nd day and usually didn't make it to the 3rd day.  We were
mixing Regular w/ Humalog (thanks to Insulin-Pumpers' suggestions) and it
helped us get to 3 days, but we still saw that general pattern.  When we heard
that some other "mixers" had tried Novolog & it fixed it, we convinced our endo
to switch - and ever since then, we see stable #'s across 3-4 days, as long as
the pump site doesn't get ripped out by a chair or some other fun thing like

However, there was 1 adult on the pump list who was doing fine on Humalog,
tried Novolog & she saw her sugars climb across 3 days just like Humalog had
done to many of us.  It's been suggested that it's an allergy or some such
reaction (Humalog is grown in bacteria & Novolog in yeast...or vice versa, I
forget) so it's easy to understand that if you're sensitive to one that the
other would help.

My advice to people is generally if you're happy w/ one insulin, to stay on it.
 We do find Novolog to last longer & absorb better in Luke than Humalog but it
is a very individual thing.  The switch-over time for us was about 2 weeks -
but we saw improvements right away on the site stability.

Hope that helps.
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01 MM508 + Novolog 10/01

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