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Re: [IPp] Glucowatch

My son was in a study for the watch, the first two hours the watch is on it 
is very irriating to the skin.  If you push straight down into the arm that 
helps.  We also had to shave Austins hair off his arm.  When the watch was 
removed he had little blisters that cleared up quickly after apply 
neosporin.  We had several problems, however, Austin is only 4 years old.  
It was difficult to get him to leave the watch in place.  Good luck, let us 
know how it works out for you.
Mom to Austin, dx. 17 mths, age 4, pumping 5/02

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>Subject: [IPp] Glucowatch
>Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2002 17:29:51 -0600
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>I just received the Glucowatch! : ) I'll be doing my prep work and
>hopefully have my 7 yr old wear it tomorrow night. Any helpful tips for
>the first time?
>mom to Andrew 7yrs, dx @ 14 mo, pumping 3 yrs
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