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Re: [IPp] RE: our worst visit ever-thanks guys

> the Disetronic and it's been fine, but at our last visit in June our endo
> said that one cause of her higher numbers was due to the Celiac and the
> differing rate of absorption, compared to when her bolus insulin is
> delivered.  >

Our gastroenterologist basically did an
> endoscopy on Rachel and said, "Yep, she has Celiac.  Come back in 3
> No help, no guidelines, no recommendations, nothing.  Where is the
> care out there>
> Anyway, I did not intend to go over this whole thing all over again.  I
> feel the weight of the world on my shoulders.  I feel so powerless over
> awful disease (plus the other 2).
> Much love,
> Shellie Ruppert


Rachel was just recently dx with the Celiac after years of being diabetic,
right?  Well my son, Devin, was dx with diabetes after years of being
Celiac.  Give yourself and Rachel a break!  It's not easy figuring this out.
The carb amts are much more with gluten-free foods.  It's a whole new ball

Finding a new gastroenterologist may or may not help.  I've found that they
no not have much knowledge about the gluten-free diet.  May I suggest
figuring out the carbs of the gluten-free foods that your daughter eats is
the best way to start.  I had to fiqure out the carb amts in the bread and
pizza using the recipe we had with the carb amt of the gluten-free flour.
I've done that for all the gluten-free stuff he eats regularly.

Still, I think the gluten-free products are broken down in the body at a
different rate than regular food, so that makes it hard also.

Hang in there, it will get better.  In the meantime, I second it for a new

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