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Re: [IPp] Novolog problems?

Hi Barbra,

My son, Joshua is pumping has been with humalog since day 1.  A couple of
months ago, I asked his doctor if we could try switching to Novolog cuz I
heard how much better it was.  Well it was the opposite for us.  His
numbers were high and it was taking us awhile to adjust to the novolog.  I
switched back to the humalog two weeks after trying the novolog.  Humalog
has worked great for us.  It took Josh like 2 weeks to get his sugars
regulated after we switched back to humalog.  So for about a month his
numbers were out of wack.  I beleive that is why his A1c's were high this
time around.  We are sticking with humalog for the time being.  Hope this

Angela, mom to Josh dxd at 9mths, pumping since 3/02

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Has anyone ever switched to novolog and found they did worse than when
they were on Humalog?    I've heard of many who went from H to N because
they were running too high on H and then did great on N.

Just wondering if anyone found that they couldn't handle N?     Grasping at
more straws here..............


Barbara A. Petzoldt - Pump Mama to Zachary (12 1/2,  Dx 2/93, 508 2/02,
Paradigm  8/16/02) --------Jennifer (20), Allison (17), Rachel (6)
Fenton, MO
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