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No Subject

Hello all,

I just had a couple of questions, maybe someone can answer.  I just read 
something about the glycemic index.  This is something my endo. has never 
mectioned to me.  I strickly carbo count.  How would I fiqure the GI and 
what would be a good GI?

Also I noticed that many parents are trying to get the glucowatch, my son 
Austin was in a trail study for this watch.  The first 2 hours he had the 
watch on it had to "regulate", during this time he consistanly complained of 
a burning feeling.  He was in a research center for 28 hours, out of the 28 
hours the watch only registered a reading about 10 times.  Certainly not 
every ten minutes.  The watch had to be reattached 3 times because of, lack 
of surface contact, sweat and activity.  I will have the results of the 
study the first of the year.  Austin had accuchecks every hour, he had on 2 
internal glucose machines and 2 watches on, they are going to compare the 5 
different collected blood sugars.  Also they raised his blood sugar to over 
350 and did BS every 10 min. to determine trends.  After the study was 
complete his arms where the watch was located was red with small blisters, 
and very tender.  Austin is 4 yrs old, I am sure this contributes to the 
problems we had with the watch.

Has anyone used the watch and found it to be beneficial.  It does not 
replace accu checks but would alarm if blood sugar was low.  The accu checks 
that I did notice on the watch were not accurate when compared to a finger 
stick.  Does anyone have any ideas how much the sensor is in the watch, this 
sensor has to be replaced every 12 hours or so. What age is the watch 
approved for?  I will be given the watch the first of the year, still 
considering using it.  Any input?

Mom to Austin age 4, dx. 11/99, pumping 5/02, Alex 3, Aja 12.

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