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Re: [IPp] Our worst visit ever


I STRENUOUSLY feel you should take your daughter to a different endo and a 
different team.  You should not leave any endo appointment feeling like a 
failure.  In fact, it's pretty obvious to me that the endo and team have 
FAILED YOU.  It's their job to support and empower you, as a family.  Rachel 
deserves empathy and and support and suggestions for living with diabetes.  
It is NOT the endo and team's job to be JUDGES, rather they should be your 
cheering squad.  (The endo said he wants the numbers by the end of the week, 
let him come to your house and live with this 24/7 and get them!) arggggg.

We've been with my son's current endo for nearly 8 years, and have never left 
there feeling horrible.  I've often left there feeling that I can work with 
the encouragement they provided to help my son's bgs be in better control, 
but they provided me with a boost to do the things we had been neglecting.

EGADS, Rachel is 15, dealing with diabetes, hypothyroid and celiac!!!  Why 
wouldn't a new pump help - even if it just gave Rachel the feeling of having 
some control over her choices!!!??  She deserves at least that.  And so do 
you.  You can choose to find a different team for her as well.

Is this the same endo group that gave you a hard time about getting the pump 
to begin with (as I recall you were going to some children's hospital in DC)? 
 Have you considered going to Johns Hopkins?  Dr. Richard Rubin is a 
wonderful therapist who works with patients and families with diabetes.

As for the Glucowatch, I've heard awful results from one parent who bought it 
for their son, and subsquently put it back in the box and it now lives in the 
closet!  You should know that it's a very frustrating device at best.  It 
alarms at odd times, can cause irritations yada yada yada...so don't feel too 
disappointed about not getting that one.  It'll be several generations before 
it's accurate and worthwhile (IMHO)

So here's a ((((((BIG HUG))))) to let you know that you are a wonderful 
mother and Rachel is a terrific kid and you deserve a team of doctors, 
therapists, dieticians etc. who will give you the loving support that you 

Very sincerely yours,
Ellen H. Ullman
Mom, Advocate for children who have diabetes and their parents, Friend, 
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