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Re: [IPp] Our worst visit ever

Our endo believes that the pump can be a way to help bring down the A1C,
not, as a reward for a low one.  Emily,10, had been diagnosed 4 months when
he recommended the pump. She had an A1C of 8.9 when going on the pump and is
now 7.0, six months later.  I do not feel that there was any way we could
have achieved at 7.0 on multiple injections, and believe me we tried.

If there is any way to find a more supportive progressive endo, I would
encourage you to do so.  Hang in there, you are doing great!

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> Rachel and I went to the endo yesterday and it was the worst visit we'd
> had.  I went, hopeful that we could come home with Rx's for a Gluco-watch
> the new Deltec pump.  Instead her A1c came back at 9.2 and our endo was
> really upset with us.  He told us that Rachel was neither ready, nor
> responsible enough for anything new.  It was so disheartening.  We've been
> struggling so much lately with life in general and we've grown so weary in
> dealing with diabetes.  But this was so hard.  I came home in tears.  In
> fact, I was just wailing.  Rachel has really been having a hard time doing
> her minimum # of bg tests daily and she's not been absolutely faithful in
> taking her Synthroid daily either.  I try to remind her, but the 15 year
> in her must just shrug me off sometimes.  It's been difficult for both of
> and although I knew her A1c would be high, I wasn't expecting this.  I
> so defeated.  It's really tough to keep all the balls in the air at the
> time here.  Today Rachel has been very good about doing her tests nearly
> every 2 hours.  Her attitude has been great.  We don't go back to the endo
> until April and I'm really hoping that we can have an A1c in the 7's next
> time.  I'm still upset about the Gluco-watch thing though.  I know he
> we wanted to use it as a substitute for doing bg testing during the day
> that's NOT at all why I want it.  I think I may go to her family doctor
> see if I can't get a Rx from her.  I really think it would be so helpful
> seeing trends in her #'s.  Especially with the Celiac now.  And also in
> middle of the night.  It's so hard for either of us to get up and do
> every 2 hours at night.  He said that he wanted those numbers by the end
> the week.  I have 5 other kids and I homeschool.  We are trying to sell
> house and buy a larger one, and my husband's business is not doing well at
> all right now.  I just feel like the weight of the world and then some is
> my shoulders.  My parents are great and have been very supportive, but no
> else is here for the day-in day-out drudgery of it all.  Thanks for
> me blow off steam here.  It was a terrible day yesterday.
> Much love,
> Shellie
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