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RE: [IPp] Our worst visit ever

Your endo should be shot.  That is horrible that he gave you crap.  I mean,
this is one of the most difficult diseases to manage ever.  What you need is
support.  Our endo is great.  She is pro-active and supportive.  We've gone
through quite a bit this past year and she has been there for us when we've
needed her support.  I was terrified to go to this last appointment,
thinking that Jon's A1c would be high and that we would get in crap for
using the Lantus.  Well, we were completely supported.  Jon's A1c was 9.3
and I was the one upset, the endo said that it wasn't too bad, we could get
it lower next time.  He is only 5 and trying to get a five year old on a
good schedule isn't easy. (her words as she has a 4 year old).

Anyway, don't feel too bad.  Sure, all of our kids could have A1c's of 6.0
but do all of them have teenagers, youngsters, celiac's and thyroid issues?
Give yourself a break.  You're doing as good a job as you can with what
you're dealing with.  Trying to get a 15 year old to just help with dishes
is a challenge.  Now, try doing what you're doing.  You deserve a medal, not
a lecture.



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Rachel and I went to the endo yesterday and it was the worst visit we'd ever
had.  I went, hopeful that we could come home with Rx's for a Gluco-watch
the new Deltec pump.  Instead her A1c came back at 9.2 and our endo was
really upset with us.  He told us that Rachel was neither ready, nor
responsible enough for anything new.  It was so disheartening.  We've been
struggling so much lately with life in general and we've grown so weary in
dealing with diabetes.  But this was so hard.  I came home in tears.  In
fact, I was just wailing.  Rachel has really been having a hard time doing
her minimum # of bg tests daily and she's not been absolutely faithful in
taking her Synthroid daily either.  I try to remind her, but the 15 year old
in her must just shrug me off sometimes.  It's been difficult for both of us
and although I knew her A1c would be high, I wasn't expecting this.  I feel
so defeated.  It's really tough to keep all the balls in the air at the same
time here.  Today Rachel has been very good about doing her tests nearly
every 2 hours.  Her attitude has been great.  We don't go back to the endo
until April and I'm really hoping that we can have an A1c in the 7's next
time.  I'm still upset about the Gluco-watch thing though.  I know he
we wanted to use it as a substitute for doing bg testing during the day and
that's NOT at all why I want it.  I think I may go to her family doctor and
see if I can't get a Rx from her.  I really think it would be so helpful in
seeing trends in her #'s.  Especially with the Celiac now.  And also in the
middle of the night.  It's so hard for either of us to get up and do checks
every 2 hours at night.  He said that he wanted those numbers by the end of
the week.  I have 5 other kids and I homeschool.  We are trying to sell our
house and buy a larger one, and my husband's business is not doing well at
all right now.  I just feel like the weight of the world and then some is on
my shoulders.  My parents are great and have been very supportive, but no
else is here for the day-in day-out drudgery of it all.  Thanks for letting
me blow off steam here.  It was a terrible day yesterday.
Much love,
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