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Re: [IPp] Our worst visit ever


I'm really sorry to hear that things went so poorly for you. Drs
have NO idea how hard it is to live with this disease someimes. I
think they should all be required to live like a diabetic for at
least a week so they will "get it".

I know exactly what you're talking about. I have 8 children and
also homeschool, as well as have diabetes to contend with. It's
hard trying to juggle it all! I'm feeling completely overwhelmed
at the moment with schooling, birthdays, holidays, a Christmas
trip to plan...ugh!!! I hate this time of year! :)

I would think your daughter's A1c would be an indicator of how
much she NEEDS the pump!!! Of course, there is a lot to it at
first with figuring out ratios and basals, so maybe that's why he
thinks she isn't ready. But it would probably really help her
control AND give her more freedom to sleep in and eat like a
non-D teen (which I think would lead to more compliance).

About the GlucoWatch, I was told that the dr needs to fax the
order in to the company (TheraCom) that handles the
orders/insurance. If you go to http://www.glucowatch.com and
click on the patient link, there should be a form (click on the
link about ordering) that you can print off and take to the dr. I
hope your other dr will do it for you. I really think it will
help get those numbers in line.

Email me sometime if you want to commiserate! ;)

Take care, Kerri - IM me on MSN: maverickmom1965
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