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[IPp] Re: GlucoWatch

I skimmed the archives looking for this type of info (since no
one ever responded to my post asking for it) and found that there
are 3 companies that have said they would pay:
*United Healthcare
*Horizon BC/BS
And there were 2 favorable maybes but I haven't heard back from
those people yet.

Just thought you might like this info for future reference. If I
learn of anymore companies I'll let you know. Cindy, please let
me know if they cover it so I can add it to my "yes" list (if
they aren't already on it). :)

Take care, Kerri - IM me on MSN: maverickmom1965
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room at www.insulin-pumpers.org
"doce ut discas" (teach that you may learn)

Carol said:> Cindy,
> Do let us know if your insurance pays for the glucowatch.  If
one does,
> perhaps the others will follow!
> Carolid:
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