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Re: [IPp] GlucoWatch appeal

Thanks Marion! Your experience is very helpful! I think you're
right about being turned down routinely on the first attempt. I
said that very thing to our endo once so I wasn't really
surprised to see them deny it. Our endo was totally convinced I
would win though, and I guess I allowed myself to have a little
too much hope. :) Hopefully the in-person appeal will go better.
But, I hope there aren't as many people in the room as there were
at yours. YIKES! I will get stage fright and look like a bumbling
idiot (dh will just have to do all the talking). :) I don't do
well speaking to a room. I think I will ask around to see which
insurance companies have covered it so far. I know I've seen at
least one or two people who've said theirs covered it. That might
be enough to convince them.

We started our initial request (and subsequent appeal process)
for a GlucoWatch before TheraCom was in place to do that. I
didn't find out about it until it was too late for us. But, I may
give them a call anyway because I can have a representative at
the appeal. Maybe they will help me out.

I'm putting it on the back burner until after the holidays but
will let you all know how it goes once things rev up again.

Take care, Kerri - IM me on MSN: maverickmom1965
Parents of Pumpers chat host, Saturdays 9:30pm EDT, Parents chat
room at www.insulin-pumpers.org
"doce ut discas" (teach that you may learn)

Marion said:
Just out of
curiousity, we are letting the Glucowatch folks do the insurance
stuff for
us; apparently they have a division that does the letters of
request and the
first level of appeal; we haven't had to do anything but request
prescription from our doctor.
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