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[IPp] Glucowatch and Cozmo pump

We're thinking about getting a Glucowatch and the new Cozmo pump for our
son Andrew. (When I called our insurance company, Regence Blue Shield,
they said  both should be approved but we'll see!) Anyway, we love our
pump but are thinking the Cozmo has some extra features that would be
VERY helpful for Andrew. As for the Glucowatch, we're interested in help
monitoring his night numbers...especially after sports! Quite frankly, I
need more sleep! : ) I test at least once a night but would like the
extra help I "hope" the Glucowatch would offer. I've heard that it's not
terribly comfortable and may be a bit large on Andrew's arm. Has anyone
done a trial? I'm still thinking it will be worth it even if I have to
use bribery to get him to wear it! : )

Anyone out there with thoughts or suggestions???? 

Thanks a million!

Cari Ecklund

PS Andrew is 7 1/2 years old, 52 pounds, 4' 4", dx @ 14 mo. and has had a
H Tron Plus for over 3 years.
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