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Re: [IPp] GlucoWatch appeal

Dear Marion,
  Our gluco watch hasn't been "officially" approved yet, but our company is
really big into preventative care.  I spoke with one of my insurance reps
and it looks pretty good that they are going to approve it the first time
around.  We are keeping our fingers crossed!
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> I think insurance companies routinely turn down the first attempt to get
> approval and then routinely deny the first appeal.
> When you show up in person, I think your chances improve greatly.  Our
> insurance turned us down on the first request and first appeal to pay when
> Gabe went to Dr. Bernstein.  When we went to the next level, it was a
> committee; there were about 5 doctors, 6 nurses, 5-8 CDEs and some
> types there, totalling about 30 people.  Gabe came along with me and my
> husband and we had twenty minutes to present our case.
> They ended up paying for Dr. Bernstein's charges, although he is not part
> our HMO or PPO network.
> In my 21 years in practice, I don't think I have ever seen an insurance
> request be honored without going to the third level of appeal.
> IMHO.  Also, if you can show that other insurance companies are paying for
> the Glucowatch, your case will be much easier; once a big insurance
> decides to pay for the watch, then you can argue that it is the "standard
> care" and your insurance company is basically forced to pay as well.
> Good luck!   We are working on getting a watch for Gabe.  Just out of
> curiousity, we are letting the Glucowatch folks do the insurance stuff for
> us; apparently they have a division that does the letters of request and
> first level of appeal; we haven't had to do anything but request a
> prescription from our doctor.
> Marion
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