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[IPp] re: hospital - ketones

This is what the BioScanner2000 meter tests as well (but I
wouldn't recommend getting this meter unless you also need to
keep tabs on cholesterol as well. It is much more expensive
upfront than the Precision XTra).

Here is something I found that helps explain the ketonuria
>From Ellenberg and Rifkin's Diabetes Mellitus (5th ed.) pg 833:
"The plasma acetone concentration may remain elevated for up to
48hrs, long after the glucose, beta-hydroxybutyrate, and
acetoacetate concentrations return to normal. This likely
explains the ketonuria that has been observed for several days
following successful therapy of DKA."

I personally would not treat the ketones without talking to the
dr about it (they may or may not have you do anything) but would
definitely push fluids to help wash them out.

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Barb said:
But a short summary is that you don't need to pay attention to
urine ketones
as measured on the stix during and after DKA.  The
ketone which is measured by the Precision Xtra is what is
important to track.
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