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Re: [IPp] re: hospital-ketones

My instructor at school said that they've found saline flush to be just as
effective as flushing with heparin so it is now standard to flush the leur
locks with saline.  Why they would give heparin - I don't know.  One thought
is that BG binds to the red blood cells possibly making for thicker blood?
I'll try to remember to ask one of my professors tomorrow and let you know.


> Thanks Carol! My last hospital birth was in 1994 (have had
> homebirths ever since) so that's how old that memory was. :)
> Just curious - why did they stop using heparin? Is it possible
> that some places are still using it even though it might not be
> standard anymore? I'm not sure why else they would give a 15yo
> heparin unless there was a suspected deep-vein thrombosis or
> something (highly doubtful as they probably wouldn't have turned
> her loose after 24hrs). What else is it used for (that would be
> diabetes related - I can't think of anything)? Sorry for all the
> q's, I'm just really curious.
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> Carol said:
> Kerri,
>  I'm in nursing school right now.  FYI - They're not using
> heparin to flush
> out luer locks anymore.  Just saline now.
> Carol
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