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[IPp] Re: Bed Wetting

In a message dated 29/08/2003 4:48:09 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Now I'm wondering at what point do I start 
> worrying about the Pull-Up. This has been the least of my worries until now.
> Can
> any of you give me some insight/past experience on this?  Should I talk to 
> the 
> endo about seeing a specialist?
> Coreen 

Hi Coreen,
       First of all, don't worry about this, but talk to your regular doctor 
about it.  Bed -wetting is so common in 5 year old boys that some doctors will 
just brush you off.  Others will at least check things out.  The 
 paediatrician sent my 4 year old son (non-DM) to have an ultrasound of his
bladder, to
 check that it was sized correctly. It was, and nothing else was checked out and
he soon improved.  I just kept him in the pull-ups until then, because I 
 definitely did not want to be washing more sheets than I had to. Even up to the
 age of 8 or so, we would always have to stop the car on trips and let him pee
the side of roads.  This is lots of fun in snow suits!!!  
       Claire, now 9 is my DM child.  She was the youngest of my 3 and was 
dry all night not that long after turning 2.  I was so happy to no longer be 
buying diapers after all those years, as the timing coincided with her older 
 brother's improvement. But this was short-lived as she soon began wetting the
every once in awhile, then once a week, then not being able to last 90 
 minutes. And we all know what that meant......While in the hospital at
 she wet the hospital bed, so I started her back on pull-ups and/or diapers. We
kind of preferred the diapers as they were softer and cheaper.  Little did I 
know that it would be many years before I could stop buying them.
       We lived two years in Ireland, where I did not have a clothes dryer 
(!), so I wasn't keen on bed wetting at that time.  So we just kept up the 
 pull-ups. Some nights when she had rebounds the diapers would be flooded out
urine, enough to fill about 4 of them.  After starting pumping, the rebounds 
from lows didn't happen very frequently.  But her diaper or pull-up was wet 
every single morning and this continued until she was 8 1/2 years old.  
       I read some things to try from parents here, but I wasn't too keen on 
trying the drugs.  And our paediatrician said that the nasal spray wouldn't 
help with urine production from high bg levels.  
       Anyhow, last winter I ran out of pull-ups one day.  So I told her to 
just go without, and I never bought any more.  Surprisingly, she trained 
 herself fairly quickly. We have some wet mornings, these are usually associated
 with high bgs, but not always. Now she wakens to go to the bathroom, sometimes
couple of times a night.  We went camping last month on holiday and sure 
 enough---the first night she peed the sleeping bag! The second night she got up
 out of the tent, but then sprayed herself all over trying to go in the bushes.
Poor thing, boys have a big advantage there!!
       So my advice is not to really worry at his age.  It is likely 
 something that he will outgrow eventually. When you feel up to it, try leaving
without a pull-up and see if that can help.  But try it at a time when you are 
having pretty good overnight numbers.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 9
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