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There's some discussion of Lantus possibly interfering with growth hormones
in pre-adolescents. Thus, Ultralente might still be used there. And some
prefer NPH so that they don't have to take a noon shot.


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> >>Call the doctor for orders and he has me buy NPH (didn't know you can
> w/o prescription<<
> Vikki mom to
> Brittany w/D 5, Thomas 8, Matthew just turned 13 on 8/23/03
> Hi Vikki,
> I would never use NPH again!  We use Lantus as our back-up,
> long-acting insulin when not pumping.  We've only had to do it twice
> in four years, but it was similar to the pump's basal rate.  No
> extreme fluctuations in bg's.  Lantus is a relatively flat insulin,
> no extreme peaks.  I don't know why docs still prescribe NPH,
> Ultralente, etc. now that Lantus is available.  Some people refer to
> it as "the poor man's pump" since it is the long=acting insulin to
> come close to how the pump's basal rate works.
> Cindy, mom to 16 y/o Noah, dx age 9, pumping since 6/99
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