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[IPp] "Heads-up" on School Schedules-trailers

My high school freshman just received her schedule of classes and has 3 of 
 the 7 classes in trailers. She goes to a large 2 story school-1900 students and
there are about 10 mobile classrooms (trailers).  I had met with the nurse 
and school counselor to hand-do her schedule.  We were careful about P.E., 
 lunch, choice of courses, etc., but I never thought about location. We probably
could have avoided at least some of the trailers, so it would be easier to 
 access the clinic and restrooms when needed. The teachers do have
for contact with the main building, but it is a long walk to the clinic. I 
could ask to have her scheule redone, but she has already gone to orientation, 
met all her teachers, received basic instructions about each class, etc. and I 
just don't want to upset the everything again.  We can deal with it, but it 
would have been so simple to avoid it in the first place--on well, next 

Sherry, mom to Liz, age 14, dx3/01, pumping MM508-5/02 
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