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[IPp] Insurance and Diabetes

Hello everyone!  I wanted to share this information with you and feel free to 
pass it on to others you know that have Diabetes and aren't on this list.  :)

  I got this Update flyer from BD and was appalled at what I read.  There was 
a question from directed at a Dr. Ginsberg (he is VP of Medical Affairs for 
 BD Consumer Health Care) about insurance companies covering Diabetes supplies.
This person who is elderly, tests around 8 times a day so obviously they grow 
through a lot of test strips.  The insurance company sent a letter to this 
person's Dr. asking why they had to test so much.  So they decided to test 6 
 rather than 8 times a day and this person said they basically lost control,
A1C went up so then they said forget it and went back to the original testing 
of 8 times a day.  And of course, the insurance company is fuming again 
because they don't want to have to pay for more strips.
  Here is the advice this Dr. gave:

"Consumers, healthcare professionals and diabetes associates are reaching out 
to the President, Governors, Members of Congress, and US Senators and state 
elected officials because some states are trying to pass laws that would allow 
insurance plans to refuse coverage for diabetes supplies.  Some states are 
even considering eliminating coverage of diabetes supplies for the entire 
Medicaid population due to budgetary constraints."   The American Diabetes 
 Association has set up an advocacy page on their web site: <A
  Log onto this site to learn more about Federal and State Legislation, find 
your elected officials, and easily send them a message. 

Cheryl, mom to Stephanie, dx'd 1995, pumping since 8/11/03
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