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[IPp] Feeling insulin being delivered into site

'Denise,My daughter, Amelia, complained about stinging on larger boluses
when she was on humalog.  Now that she is on Novolog, she never complains
about stinging.  What insulin is your daughter using?  Also, Amelia's
sites last 3-4 days and there is no irritation at all.  I know, everyone
is different, but Novolog has sure worked for Amelia.  How long has your
daughter been pumping?Cheri McCurdy, Mom to Amelia, Age 10, D 1-00, P
12-00, and Amanda, 16Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 10:15:50 -0700 From: "Denise
Owens" Subject: [IPp] FW: Feeling insulin being delivered into site > We
are having a problem lately. It has made my daughter tell me she is tired
of pumping and wants to give up: > > Lately, when she boluses, she can
feel the insulin going into her and it causes her pain. What can be done?
Why is this happening to her? > > Denise


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