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I don't understand why he had us buy NPH as well. We had lantus at home and
we were on it before the pump. I am aggravated w/ the doctor. You would
think if he is going to be on call in this day and age, he should have a
system at home (which I knew he was since I heard his kids in the
background) to know what to do w/ his patient or ask. He didn't want to hear
anything I had to say. The only drawback of this is there are only two
endo's in our area and I have tried both.

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>>Call the doctor for orders and he has me buy NPH (didn't know you can buy
w/o prescription<<

Vikki mom to
Brittany w/D 5, Thomas 8, Matthew just turned 13 on 8/23/03

Hi Vikki,

I would never use NPH again!  We use Lantus as our back-up,
long-acting insulin when not pumping.  We've only had to do it twice
in four years, but it was similar to the pump's basal rate.  No
extreme fluctuations in bg's.  Lantus is a relatively flat insulin,
no extreme peaks.  I don't know why docs still prescribe NPH,
Ultralente, etc. now that Lantus is available.  Some people refer to
it as "the poor man's pump" since it is the long=acting insulin to
come close to how the pump's basal rate works.

Cindy, mom to 16 y/o Noah, dx age 9, pumping since 6/99
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