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RE: [IPp] Mastisol causing a rash.

 An anti-itch cream over the counter. Something w/antihistamine works for my
daughter. She get so raw that sometimes her skin cracks with a bit of bleeding.

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email @ redacted writes:
Well, here I go again.   It seems I just get one problem solved and I
find myself with another.  I started using the Mastisol on my daughter's
insertion site because I was having problems with the set sticking when
using the Emla cream.   Now, it seems the mastisol is giving her a
"raised rash" after I remove the set.   Is there any cream that anyone
recommends for this type of rash?   It's strange, because the first few
times I used the mastisol, it never caused a problem.   Any thoughts I'd
appreciate it!


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Are you removing her site with any type of adhesive remover? If you are not, 
that can be your problem. I noticed if I remove Justin's site without adhesive 
remover it will be rased, and red, and irritated. Also, I use a cotton ball 
moisten with nonacetone nail polish remover to remove Justin's sites, because 
  my insurance will not pay for adhesive remover, and it works great! Even
then adhesive remover, and best of all it is cheep.

Gina, Mom of Justin, 3 years old pumping 
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